The use of remote sensing methods allows you to radically reduce the cost of geological exploration by conducting a comprehensive study of vast territories, which are often inaccessible for one reason or another for traditional methods of geological exploration.

We use structural (lineament) and spectral analysis and provide the following services:

  • Mapping linear, arc and ring structures that are potentially ore-bearing or ore-bearing channels
  • Detection of contrasting geological formations (including based on machine learning classification)
  • Clarification of the boundaries of geological bodies that emerge on the day surface and are under Quaternary deposits
  • Tectonic zoning of the territory
  • Refinement or optimization of the drilling plan, including the existing one
  • Geological and geomorphological mapping of the region

The use of remote methods allows us to reduce the time and labor costs of our customers.

Picture 1 - Muscovite is one of the indicators of gold mineralization.


Our customers:

  • Mining company
  • Geological exploration company

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