Creating a map of zones of hydrothermal-metasomatically altered rocks that are promising for gold-silver or silver-polymetallic mineralization based on remote sensing data (satellite imagery) for the forecast area will help localize the areas of mineral exploration, which will significantly reduce time and financial costs.

The information obtained helps to clarify the controversial issues of the geology and metallogeny of the area with the help of innovative remote sensing methods. They also allow us to re-evaluate the existing forecast and search criteria, identifying among them the most effective in the current economic situation.

Basic solution methods and execution sequence:

  • Collection, systematization, analysis of remote sensing data (Terra / Aster, Landsat / ETM+, Landsat-8);
  • Creation of hyperspectral remote bases based on remote sensing materials (Terra / Aster, Landsat / ETM+, Landsat-8);
  • Selection of a reference library of mineral and rock spectra of near-ore change zones for known deposits/ore occurrences, selection of the most informative indicator minerals.
  • Creating diagrams of mineral indicators at a scale of 1:50,000.
  • Creating schemes of complex anomalies created on the principle of analogies with reference objects.
  • Preparation of a report containing an explanatory text to the created cartographic materials, as well as recommendations for the selection of promising sites for field verification.

Our project team is based on a comprehensive interpretation of both medium-and high-resolution satellite images, thematic maps of the area's structure, and on classical ideas about the geology of the area described in the literature, which helps to achieve the best results that will be taken into account when searching for deposits during subsequent field verification.

Example of a scheme of mineral indicators, decoding the Aster satellite.

Example of a scheme of mineral indicators, decoding the Aster satellite.

Our customers:

  • Mining companies;
  • Geological exploration companies.
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