An up-to-date digital basemap is necessary for many enterprises to maintain GIS and solve production problems in the developed fields.
The materials obtained by modern means of space and aerial photography make it possible to create and update the digital basemap with high accuracy, efficiency and efficiency.

An up-to-date digital basemap is necessary for solving the following tasks of the oil and gas industry:

  • Ensuring the rational use and protection of mineral resources.
  • The safe conduct of mining operations.
  • Preparation of mining graphic documentation.
  • Design of mining operations, planning the location of wellheads and bottomholes, and communication schemes.
  • Study of current parameters of field development.

The basemap is the requirements for the production of surveying work in the development of mineral deposits, construction of mining enterprises and the use of mineral resources for other purposes. Creating and updating a digital basemap of various scales is required to bring their content in line with the current state of the area.

LLC "GEO Innoter company" uses a variety of technologies and software tools for the creation and updating of digital basemap, depending on its scale.

When creating a 1:100,000 scale digital basemap, materials from the Unified electronic cartographic framework (UEC) are used, which includes digital maps and open-use plans in vector and raster formats, as well as topographic maps and plans available in state and departmental cartographic funds.

Updating of the digital basemap of the 1:100,000 scale of the production area is carried out using topographic maps and larger-scale plans that reflect the current state of the area, as well as using satellite images by their camera interpretation. The road network, outermost buildings and driveways in localities, oil production facilities, including utility corridors, and other facilities are subject to mandatory updates at the Customer's request.

Creating and updating a digital basemap at a scale of 1: 25,000 is based on satellite images with a resolution of at least 1.5 meters on the ground.

Photogrammetric and cartographic work includes:

  • creating a planned high-altitude justification for satellite imagery;
  • building a digital terrain model;
  • external orientation and orthotransformation of satellite images;
  • in-house creation of 1:25000 scale digital maps based on orthophotoplans.

The work is performed in accordance with the requirements of the regulatory and technical documentation for ensuring the secrecy regime in the Russian Federation.

The creation and updating of a 1:5,000 scale digital map base is performed, depending on the Customer's requirements, either from satellite imagery or from aerial photography.

When using space survey materials, the following works are performed:

  • Identification on the ground and determination of coordinates and heights of planned high-altitude identification and control points using GNSS receivers.
  • Creating a digital terrain model of the earth's surface.
  • Creation of digital orthophotos of scale 1:5000.
  • Field decryption using digital orthophotos.
  • Creating a digital basemap at a scale of 1:5 000, with a cross-section of the terrain in solid horizontal lines through 1 meter.

When creating and updating a 1:5,000 scale digital basemap based on aerial photography materials, the following works are performed:

  • Perform digital aerial photography and aerial laser scanning.
  • Creation of a geodetic network of GNSS base stations and identification signs using satellite geodetic dual-frequency equipment. Production of a digital terrain model based on laser reflection cloud data.
  • Create digital orthophotos with a resolution of up to 0.10 meters.
  • Field decryption of infrastructure objects over the entire area of aerial photography.
  • Creating a 1:5000 scale digital basemap with a 1.0 meter horizontal cross-section height.

The work is also performed in accordance with the requirements of the regulatory and technical documentation for ensuring the secrecy regime in the Russian Federation.

When ordering a digital map base for a production area at multiple scales, the largest scale is used to create smaller scales.

The digital map base is provided to the Customer in electronic form in the specified format according to the classifier and classification Principles of the Customer's company.

When creating and updating a digital basemap of any scale, the object composition is unloaded to the state for public use.

Advantages of GEO INNOTER LLC:

  • Extensive experience in creating digital topographic maps.
  • Highly qualified employees for processing space and aerial photographs.
  • Latest software for processing satellite and aerial images.
  • GEO INNOTER LLC is accredited by the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation in the direction of conducting expertise on remote sensing materials
  • Network of reliable local partners.

Our customers:

  • Oil company
  • Ecology and environmental protection
  • Service company
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