Topographic map – geographical universal purpose map, where terrain is depicted in detail. Topographic map contains information about geodetic reference points, relief, hydrography, vegetation, soil, economic and cultural objects, roads, communications, borders and other objects of the area. Completeness of content and accuracy of topographic maps allow to solve technical problems.

Topographic maps of scales 1:10 000 and 1: 25 000 are designed for detailed study of the terrain, as well as to produce accurate measurements and calculations in the construction of engineering structures, forcing water barriers and in other cases.

Topographic maps of 1:10,000 and 1:25,000 scales serve as the basis for smaller-scale topographic maps, thematic maps and other cartographic documents.

Digital topographic maps are used:

  • In agriculture – at land management and the account of lands in areas of intensive agriculture, as a basis for detailed soil surveys and antierosion actions, etc.; 
  • During reclamation – for drafting reclamation construction projects and performing surveys on irrigation and drainage of land; 
  • In geological exploration – for detailed exploration, for reference in geological and geophysical surveys;
  • In the development of oil and gas fields – to make plans for the developed area, projects of arrangement and placement of wells, binding of various engineering objects, etc.;
  • In hydraulic engineering-in the selection of the site of the waterworks and the development of reservoir projects in the plains, in the exploration of canals and the design of protective structures.

Topographic maps of scales 1:50 000, 1: 100 000 and 1: 200 000 are intended for studying and an assessment of the district, for measurements and calculations at design and construction of military engineering constructions and objects, for preparation, management and definition of coordinates of starting positions in military divisions.

Topographic maps of 1:500,000 and 1:1,000,000 scales are designed to study and assess the general nature of the terrain in the preparation and conduct of operations, and are also used by aviation as flight maps.

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