Topographic plan – this is an image of a section of the earth's surface obtained on a plane. Therefore, the plan is a reduced similar image of the horizontal projection of the area of the Earth's surface with objects located on it.

Topographic plans are used for design and construction of a wide variety of objects, underground and surface structures, and for other works on construction and its branches.

Topographic plans 1:500, 1:1 000, 1:2 000 and 1:5 000 serve as the basis for topographic and specialized plans and maps of less scales.

Topographic plans are used for: 

  • Technical design of roads and railways in mountainous areas; 
  • Detailed design of roads and Railways in flat and hilly areas;
  • Thorough search of mineral deposits; 
  • Laying of routes of pressure pipelines or channels located in mountainous areas;
  • Detailed exploration, as well as for executive planning of mining enterprises; 
  • Technical design of hydraulic structures and thermal power plants; 
  • Design of engineering structures; 
  • Maintenance of the state cadaster of real estate.

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