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Expertise is evidence that is an expert opinion on a particular issue. It can be used to resolve conflicts in the pre-trial order or to provide evidence in court. 

Very often in the process of using forest resources, problems arise that can only be solved by an independent expert examination. Illegal felling of forests and trees, unauthorized seizure of the territory of the forest fund, a report on logging activities - this is an incomplete list of tasks that help to solve the use of space imagery in conducting examinations.

In order to carry out expertise in aerospace materials, it is necessary to have the appropriate qualifications in the specified industry.

The range of using expertise in forestry is quite wide. They can be used as an aid in reporting on logging activities, as evidence of violation of the operating conditions of the forest fund in an ecological or territorial sense, as evidence of a violation of the storage of sawmill waste or a violation of the processes of logging activities.

detection of violations of storage of raw materials outside the boundaries of the site.png

Typically, work begins with taking high-resolution and ultra-high resolution images. Our specialists select the optimal parameters for shooting. It is important to take into account that multi-temporal images of a similar territory make it possible with a high probability to record the period of changes that have occurred in this area.

During this stage, the visual characteristics of objects are determined, vector layers are drawn in order to accurately determine the affected forest area.


The main advantage of using space imagery is the ability to look into the past. Sometimes there is no other way to establish the truth: there are no witnesses, there is no documentary evidence of the violation. Then images from space come to the rescue.

The Innoter company has vast experience in conducting expert examinations in the direction of forestry activities. We treat each order with special attention, which allows us to obtain data in a short time and with great accuracy.

You can order a forest examination by sending an appeal to the e-mail: For consultation, please contact us by phone +7 495 245-04-24.


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