Forest pathological examination - measures to assess the condition of forests, identify areas infected with pests and diseases. The use of space imagery when conducting forest pathological surveys can significantly reduce costs. 

Carrying out a forest pathological survey (LPO) is a rather costly and time-consuming procedure. However, the failure or untimely performance of work to identify diseases and pests can lead to catastrophic financial and environmental consequences.

Proper preparation for performing LPO allows not only to reduce financial and time costs, but also to survey the terrain of hard-to-reach areas, where it is almost impossible to carry out a survey by field trips.

Using satellite images, it is easy to detect destructive changes in the state of the deciduous cover of trees using multispectral analysis. The progressing dynamics of focal drying out indicates the development of a disease of trees or the effect of pests on them. Timely identification of such changes allows you to take prompt measures to eliminate them.

High-resolution images are usually used for analysis. The use of space imagery helps not only to assess the state of vegetation in the current time, but also to record changes based on archived images of past months and years. This allows you to obtain information about the time of the outbreak, and therefore to predict the further development of the pest population.

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