Deciphering taxation is the most efficient and fastest way to carry out this type of work

The use of satellite imagery makes it possible to shorten and sometimes even do without the laborious stage of field surveys.

The use of modern software tools makes it possible to classify rocks based on characteristic spectral characteristics.

Fragment of the map: "Classification of forests by types of planting" (left). Background source - Google maps. 

The use of ultra-high resolution satellite images with double overlapping (stereo images) allows not only assessing the rock composition, but also calculating all the main taxation characteristics: bonitet, average diameter, age class, composition, etc.

The main advantages of using space imagery for remote forest inventory are the possibility of year-round work, cost and time reduction.

Forest inventory is carried out as a stage of continuous forest inventory, as planned work, or at the request of individual companies that lease a forest area for logging purposes, and in some other cases.

The specialists of our company have many years of experience and high classification in the field of decryption. We approach each request individually and carry out orders in accordance with your specific requirements.

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