3D city models are made for large cities, administrative and industrial centers, cities with a high level of network penetration of the latest technologies (including 5G) and micro-planning development; cities with a high level of new construction.
3D city models are created based on highprecision data and are used for planning telecommunications networks. Models display all urban infrastructure objects that potentially hinder the propagation of radio waves. Satellite images with a resolution of 0.3 – 1 m are used to create the DSM.

The composition of 3d city map includes (3d model):

  • 3D vector model;
  • clutter 3D model;
  • digital 3D terrain model;
  • a 3D digital model of obstacles heights;
  • orthophotomaps;
  • address database.

Accuracy parameters for 3d city map:

Parameter Resolution 2 m Resolution 5 m
The resolution (cell size) of 2 m 5 m
Altimetric accuracy (z) 3 m 5 m
Planimetric accuracy (x, y) 4 m 6 m
Accuracy of building heights (h) 4 m 5 m
The minimum mapped object of buildings is 16 sq m 25 sq m
The minimum recognized building height is 3 m 5 m
 The minimum vegetation item to map is 25 sq m 50 sq m

Delivery format for 3D models for planning systems PLANET, AIRCOM ASSET, NETPLAN, ATOLL FORSK, MapInfo.

Implementation mechanism: by the forces and means of GEO INNOTER LLC:

  • getting and processing satellite images,
  • creating a digital terrain model,
  • orthotransformation of survey materials,
  • creating vector and cluster models.

Advantages of GEO INNOTER LLC:

  • Extensive experience in creating digital terrain models.
  • Highly qualified employees working with remote sensing materials.
  • Latest software for photogrammetric processing of satellite images and cartographic works.
  • GEO INNOTER LLC is included in the list of expert companies of the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation for the analysis of remote sensing materials and conducting expert examinations.
  • Network of experienced local partners.

Our customers:

  • Telecommunications company
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