The Innoter company suggests the service of forest monitoring based on satellite imagery. Innoter possesses all modern technical capabilities which allow our specialists to receive and process data in online mode. The customer can get remote access to the data regardless of the time of the day.
Satellite imagery is widely used in forest monitoring for the inventory process. Satellite imagery helps to detect changes related to the influence of natural or anthropogenic factors, as long as solve these following tasks:
  • mapping the forests;
  • determination of forest species;
  • classification of forests by the type of wood, by the age of trees and other parameters;
  • determining the influence of pests and diseases on the condition of trees;
  • control of illegal logging;
  • forest certification;
  • exploration of relief and marshiness for forest management purposes;
  • forest protection.

The remotely sensed data is used especially actively when exploring distant territories such as the Russian Far North or the Far East. To solve the customer's task, our specialists juxtapose the space-born data with field and statistical data, provided by the customer.

  • an objective assessment of ecological and economic damage of natural or technogenic accidents;
  • an opprortunity to predict the negative influence of adverse factors, so it will be possible to minimize the adamage.
  • governmental bodies involved in the forest management;
  • private enterprises.

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