Replenishment of the mineral resources includes process of mineral deposit exploration, where satellite imagery is often helpful.
Sounding is the main source of information that geologists use to estimate the mineral deposit's borders and determine locations for further drilling. Satellite imagery, as long as maps and different geological reports, is a reliable source of additional information for mining engineers.
In the picture below one can see the result of satellite image interpretation, which has been executed for structural analysis of an AOI and for hydrocarbon deposits' detection.

Example of satellite image interpretation. Black-coloured lines indicate tectonic faults, red-coloured lines indicate probable areas of hydrocarbon deposits.

Methods of digital processing permit to display thinner geological structures, e.g. circle formations. Usage of aerial or satellite surveying allows receiving additional data for better assessment of a hydrocarbon deposits.

  • high-quality modeling of hydrocarbon extraction;
  • increase of speed and effectiveness of geological exploration proccesses;
  • big volume of information on each image.

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