Orthophotomap consists of a several orthorectified images. Firstly, specialists of photogrammetry rectify y-parallax and process GCPs. Then they use a DTM to create the orthophotomap.
Specialists use orthorectified aerial images of high quality and precision to create an orthophotomap. Space-borne (satellite) images with high and ultra-high resolution also can be used for the orthophotomap creation. In addition, using satellite images instead of aerial images can accelerate the process of creating an orthophotomap.

Professionals of topography, geodesy, geology, hydrology, ecology, landuse management, civil engineering  actively use orthophotomaps in their work.

For cost calculation of the orthophotomap creation for your area of interest, send us technical description of your proposal to: innoter@innoter.com. For consultations contact by the phone: +7 495 245-04-24
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