Lineaments are linear features in a landscape which express an underlying geological structure ( e.g. a fault, a dike). The lineament analysis is a method of thematic processing of satellite imagery.
Traditional geological and geophysical methods could give discrete information. Unlike them, satellite images have distinct advantages: coverage, scales, overview. This allows specialists to study the territory according to "from general to specific" principle.

Results of the lineament analysis will show consistent patterns within the territory. These patterns or typical features permit to develop a multi-rank model of fault blocks, to reveal areas of increased geodynamic hazard.

A juxtaposition of the delivered model with geophysical and geological data will permit to assess the productivity of oil and gas well, chemical composition of petroleum or natural gas, changes of pressure in hydrocarbon stratum, location of hazardous gases (methane) and so on. In addition, satellite images are widely used for studying seismic zones and volcano activity, for earthquakes prediction.

The lineament analysis is necessary for new mining sites exploration. 

  • vast coverage and high resolution of imagery;
  • imagery at different scales;
  • research of deep structures and processes;
  • data delivery of hard-to-reach territories.
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