Space monitoring ― regular satellite imagery with automatic subsequent image processing-quickly detects changes that have occurred on the territory of the license area (LA) and the surrounding area.
Environmental monitoring should include mandatory inventory and mapping of objects on the LA: localities and shift settlements, wells, pipelines, industrial and cluster sites, sludge barns, accident sites, reclaimed land, quarries for the extraction of common minerals (ECM), stationary sources of harmful (polluting) substances released into the atmosphere, landfills, waste landfills, etc.

Space monitoring is carried out in the following areas:

  • Monitoring of changes in industrial facilities, construction processes of new facilities; identification of in-field pipelines, exploration wells and other infrastructure objects whose location is lost; identification of objects that are in a non-project position.
  • Monitoring compliance with land use conditions ― correlating the actual boundaries of industrial facilities with the boundaries stipulated in the acts of land allotments, and identifying unregistered objects for inventory and cadastral registration of real estate.
  • Inventory and monitoring of the state of sludge barns (type of filling), monitoring compliance with construction regulations, monitoring the rate of reclamation of barns, the state of sludge storage facilities and sludge processing plants.
  • Monitoring the integrity of embankments, dumps, hydraulic structures, and roads within the LA.
  • Inventory of flaring installations for the combustion of associated petroleum gas (APG), monitoring the volume of gas flared.
  • Inventory of common mineral extraction sites (CME), monitoring of extraction volumes, the state of CME production areas to ensure industrial and environmental safety.
  • Identification and control of additional industrial activity at the field ― laying power lines, selective and continuous logging, monitoring the condition of glades, and the activities of subcontractors.
  • Environmental monitoring within license areas (deforestation, oil leaks, etc).
If you need to perform space monitoring of license areas or other types of work based on satellite imagery send the technical specification to the email address For advice, please call +7 495 245-04-24
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